SEHEZ Group is a building and construction company that provides complete turn key services for home owners, developers and businesses alike.  We have established a service provider model designed to partner with our clients in lieu of the traditional client/contractor relationship, to ensure that the objectives of both parties are aligned and achieved.  The positive results of this approach is evident in the repeat business that we see from clients.

Whether you are seeking an architectural masterpiece, profit driven development, or simply something that requires a bit of thought, SEHEZ Group is ready and willing to exceed all expectations.



The owners of SEHEZ Group have always been passionate about property and have spent over 10 years buying and modifying/improving homes for both personal use and investing.

Through this journey they formed the opinion that there is a better way to offer building and construction services that is more focused on a service provider model, targeted at achieving client objectives.

They decided to put their civil construction careers on hold and reapply the disciplined processes that are the norm in this industry to the residential and commercial construction industry.


From humble beginnings:

Working under the banner of Compass Additions Pty Ltd a two man team started with small renovations and maintenance work.


Move to Throsby Street Wickham premises:

Growth of the Management Team
• Construction Manager
• Business Support Manager


Move to Harrison Street Maryville warehouse and construction of 150m2 office:

Explosion of Management Team to include Project Managers, Estimators, Accounts Personnel and Maintenance Manager


Head office opened in the heart of Newcastle and a complete rebrand from Compass Additions to SEHEZ Group


SEHEZ Group operates through the following business units.


SEHEZ Construction is the most recent addition to the group and is focused on partnering with long term property developers and business’s. Prior to establishing SEHEZ Group, our owners had a combined 30 years experience in the civil construction industry managing projects with a value up to $50 million. The disciplined processes acquired through this experience provides the backbone of the SEHEZ Construction project delivery method.

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SEHEZ Residential provides full turn-key services for home owners looking for quality while still achieving value for money. We specialise in bespoke designs to ensure that our clients are delivered a highly tailored product that is specific to their individual needs.

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SEHEZ Maintenance provides 24/7 hassle free, cost effective and rapid response repair and maintenance services. Our commercial arrangements are flexible to allow a combination of fixed-price quoting, do-and-charge works, cost plus and operating under a schedule of rates. These arrangements can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the client, your industry or your business.

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