SEHEZ Construction is the most recent addition to the group and is focused on partnering with long term property developers and businesses. Prior to establishing SEHEZ Group, our owners had 30 years combined experience in the civil construction industry managing projects with a value up to $50 million. The disciplined processes acquired through this experience provide the backbone of the SEHEZ Construction project delivery method.

The SEHEZ Construction management team is made up of degree qualified construction managers, engineers and quantity surveyors which allows the successful delivery of challenging projects on time and on budget



SEHEZ Construction is well placed to support developers in meeting the ever-increasing demand for residential units in the greater Newcastle area.

While our business is new to this sector of the market, our managers have decades of experience in project managing and supervising multi-storey construction with tier 1 and tier 2 construction companies.

Our capacity includes small to medium sized unit blocks and we see our skill set best utilised in higher spec designs where developers want to achieve a tailored product to attract a better than market average price point.


It appears that nearly everyone has a DA approved site in Newcastle. So it was a natural progression for SEHEZ Group to step up from single dwelling construction to multi dwelling construction.

Over the past couple of years we have established ourselves as a key player in the townhouse development marketplace, and we are projecting to construct between 75 and 100 townhouses in 2018.

We offer a full spectrum service for townhouse developers by sourcing development sites, managing development applications, interior design, marketing and most importantly constructing them on time and on budget.


Whether you are keeping an existing dwelling and adding a second, or knocking down and starting again, dual-occ subdivisions are a good way of maximising the yield of a site. Traditionally the domain of investors, we are now seeing a steady stream of homeowners looking to move into one and sell the other to reduce their debt while still living in a prime location.

From Mayfield to Merewether, SEHEZ Group has been a market leader in sourcing and constructing dual-occ dwellings. Our highly tailored services have allowed our clients to achieve a dream home on one side of the block while maximising the return through a sale or rental on the other side.


Our commercial fit outs tend to focus on anything outside the square. As businesses move away from the traditional approach of grid ceilings and carpet tiles, it has become more important to engage a construction company that can actually think and build things.

Be it an industrial themed conversion, architecturally inspired design, or a fit out that is bespoke to a businesses needs, we can deliver in a cost-effective manner.


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