Kurt Fearnley PUshing Boundaries


After living in Newcastle for over 14 years, Kurt Fearnley has definitely been claimed much-loved and most-admired Novocastrian and we were thrilled to get the opportunity to work with Kurt and his wife Sheridan creating their dream home.

We were also fortunate to time the job in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games, which turned out to be the swansong of his career, which allowed us to be further inspired by who Kurt is as a person.  After winning Silver in the T54 1500m race and going out with gold in the marathon, Fearnley had a clear message he had to deliver.

Thanking everyone for their support throughout his career, Fearnley challenged everyone to go one step further and support the inclusion of people with disabilities across the community and workforce.

“There’s a lot of people with disabilities out there that haven’t been given the privileges that I have,” Fearnley said.

We all need to think about making sure we are inclusive and accessible and do more for those living with a disability.

In Fearnley’s words, “it’s the right thing to do. Now let’s use it as a pivotal moment. Tomorrow morning have that yarn wherever you are.”

Fearnley doesn’t let anything stop him, including the challenge of renovating and adding to a 100-year-old gun-barrel cottage in Hamilton.

Enlisting SEHEZ Group, Fearnley and his wife, Sheridan, set about pushing architectural boundaries, adding a section to the back half of the house and renovating the existing front of the house while ensuring wheel chair accessibility with a smooth line between surfaces from the front door to the garage.

Mixing old with new, the old working class accommodation was transformed to create a contemporary, eclectic family home.

The high quality finishes mixed light with dark surfaces of varying textures, creating an underlying warmth, cosiness and a relaxed atmosphere.

The Fearnley’s home has recently garnered attention from Better Homes and Gardens and by our friends at Stage One Interiors.

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Take a look inside.

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